02 September 2020 @ 11:01 am

Honestly, I'm not fond with long talks xDxD so everything about me, my fandoms, ichibans and biases are ALL on my sidebar. (and also my very basic information. *laughs shyly*)

So basically I'll be sharing goodies of my fandoms, and will probably be posted in public EXCEPT for Hey! Say! JUMP and other JE groups, they will be friend-locked entries (since Johnny's has really been so strict, I can't risk the security of my blog AND MYSELF. I worked hard for this: EDITING CSS CODES IS A NO JOKE!)

to access my friend-locked entries means we have to be MUTUAL FRIENDS, means you need to add me and I have too add you too.
note: I will only add people whom I think I can trust.

 and another thing! Since I will be making some friends here, I wanted to know a little about you (>//////<) Your fandom/s, ichiban/bias, likes or dislikes (?) I would love to hear it!

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