24 November 2016 @ 05:38 pm

My bbys arrived safely yesterday! Yatta! \(^0^)/
I ordered them from JK REPUBLIC (an online-based shop from Philippines. They are selling OFFICIAL magazines, calendars, CDs, DVDs, photobooks and other goodies. Owner is very kind and considerate <3)

I'm so happy right now huhu T_T OMG They're so beautiful  T_T I've been planning on buying this one a loooong time ago but I just can't find time and budget. But here they are now <3 huhu It's too hard not to cry TATATATAT

Everyone is so hansamu and cute (>///////<) I can go all day staring at them.

This will be added on my collection (^-^) yipee! I'll be posting my treasures someday. I just don't have enough time right now (>//////<)
Current Mood: happy
Current Location: my crib
Current Music: Ai no Shubiduba - Hey! Say! JUMP
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