14 October 2016 @ 08:02 pm
[From the fateful day up untill now... Happy anniversary, Momo-chan! haha RIP bank account ^uT ]

Before I start this small cheesy talk, I would liike to say "Thank you Kami-sama for bringing JUMP to my life. You didn't just save my soul but you also brought total happiness to mah life."

I never expected that I'll become a J-Pop fan someday. Yes, I do love Japan, everything about it, I guess.  I was a pure Anime fan before (untill now).  It was during my university's intramurals that I found out about them. [Our organization (Daigaku Anime Manga Nation) was having an event and I was one of the staffs] My senpai and I agreed to cosplay during that day to give color and to promote the Japanese pop-culture. She crossplayed a guy but I had zero idea of who she is portraying not untill I saw her holding a cardboard fan (Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo Neo promotional flier where Yamada and Daiki was featured). Thanks for my curiosity (but more thanks to senpai) I asked her and then she told me everything about the two hottie, non stop! And on the afternoon that day she gave me copies of doramas the JUMP starred at. And that escalated quickly.

How I met 'Ryosuke Buta-chan and the Gang'

I remembered the very first time that I flailed over him was on Kyoshi Saisei. Yes! this is my very first dorama of them, the first drama that I decided to watch. In the the middle of the series Ryosuke really stood out (deym son, he’s so cool!!), his acting is very good and that’s the time I became his fan. At first I have no idea that there is 'Hey! Say! JUMP', not until I searched Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (their MV appeared on the last part of episode 2) and chewy happened, Ryosuke and the 3 other ikemens are on the same boy group. I love his acting, I love the way he smile, THE WAY HE SMIRKS, I love his kind and delicate heart. I love how he dances gracefully and giving his heart while singing.

My first Song
I mentioned before on my recent entry about 1 factor why I became a fan.

chau 1.jpg

Yes! Chau/Wo I need you is my very first single of them and that I played on my music player non-stop. Chau# is the song that caught my heart and made me drag into the fandom. It is very memorable to me.

I will never get tired listening to them. JUMP ga itsumo sukki dayo.
Hey! Say! JUMP and Ryosuke Yamada is probably one of the best things that happened in my life. They saved me from my acads depression (engineering is very difficult T-T) Everytime I watch them perform my heart goes super dokidoki, as if they're telling me ganbare! you can do that!. They're one of my strengths and happiness.

I really admire them, their love and passion towards their work and fans, mostly to Yamada: he never seizes to amaze me especially when I heard about the news and fan reports saying that he suffers back and hip pain but still manages to smile and perform, giving his very best. He doesn't let his pain control him nor the performance of the group. He's an idol, a true idol. ♡

Let's talk someday
I still have much story to tell but I guess it will just bore you out xDxD So I think I'll just leave it here.  (I'll tell you everything if ever we'll meet in person *chuckles*

Ja, matta ne~!

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