13 October 2016 @ 08:57 am

I love Buono! and I made this to share the love with you.

note: PLEASE DON'T hotlink or reupload. If you want to share them please redirect it to MY BLOG.
for promotional purposes only
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So we all know that the had their comeback last August (concert report here) and where they also sang their 14th single.

Sorashido~ Nee Nee~

[09.21.16] 14th Single


01 Sorashido~ Nee Nee~ 「ソラシド~ねえねえ~」
02 ロックの聖地

MG: download
pw: momonopuripuriprincess

strictly no reposting! This will stay as a public entry for everyone to have a copy (unless you break the rules)
keep the fandom alive by following rules. Enjoy!

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