13 October 2016 @ 12:06 am

Hello crybabies.
Yes! not just Japanese music but I also do love western music!
Here's Melanie Martinez for you.  Her works are really admirable. The level of perculiarity is incomparable and I really love her word plays.  She's one of the best composers I ever know.
Just so you know, I compiled all her Studio Covers! I know it's really hard to find the whole set, even I had the hard time putting it together. But here it is! I hope you enjoy.

note: PLEASE DON'T hotlink or reupload. If you want to share them please redirect it to MY BLOG.
I worked hard for compiling this,

don't forget to support Melanie Martinez by buying her album - CRYBABY

MM- Studio Covers
[09.07.12 - 12.03.12]


01 Toxic
02 Lights
03 Bulletproof
04 Hit The Road Jack
05 Cough Syrup
06 Seven Nation Army
07 Too Close
08 The Show
09 Crazy

MG: download
pw: crybaby

strictly no reposting! This will stay as a public entry for everyone to have a copy (unless you break the rules)
keep the fandom alive by following rules. Enjoy!

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