27 December 2016 @ 02:04 pm

I cried while reading this tweet T_T huhu I just can't. I was so happy knowing this because I am also a fan of Arashi and Yui. So listening to Seventeen is like listening to Arashi too (vice versa) oh, btw Ohno is also my ichiban (bias) lololol

Screenshot (3191).pngScreenshot (3192).png

here's the translation:

Fan: Who is your favorite Japanese singer?
Jihoon: aa... Arashi.
Fan: ehh?! What song of them do you like?
Jihoon: *humming Arashi's debut song "A.RA.SHI."* (You are my soul soul itsumo sugu soba ni aru....)

"Jihoon didn't answer and just laugh with the lively song. Uji looks like Ohno (Arashi's leader) with his beautiful voice. Following Arashi, I also like that. He also sang Yui's Good Bye Days. He's so near, I just died hearing his beautiful voice."

asdfghjkl@#$%^&*( JIHOOOONIIEEEE T_T <3 If only I could hug you *sniffs* byuuu~ (T-T) Maybe this is the reason why Seventeen's songs feels like "home" a "comfort zone" just like Arashi's. Maybe there was a slight influence in Jihoon's musicality.
(btw, Jihoon is the one who is responsible for SEVENTEEN's music, SVT's very own producer and composer huhu)

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Jihoon wallpaper by: woozi-cord
tweet by: whale_wonwoo
translation by: [livejournal.com profile] chibimochu

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